​Pricing Options

Preferred Cryo Membership

Membership includes one cryotherapy session per day

Members may choose one visit to either location at their convenience.

Only $179 per month

  • Two month commitment required to start membership. Month to Month after two month commitment.
  • No refunds after monthly dues have been received.
  • Monthly fees will be automatically drafted with credit/debit card on file.

Single Session Pricing

Introductory Session (First Time Only)        $30
Standard Single Session                                  $60

CryoTherapy Packages 

Three Sessions  (3)                                           $135
Five Sessions (5)                                               $200
Ten Sessions (10)                                             $350
Twenty Session (20)                                        $600

  • Packages expire 180 days after purchase
  • Non Refundable after 14 days or 1st use of package

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