People who use cryotherapy say the experience makes them feel refreshed and invigorated. Users claim a host of benefits, both physical and mental. Because a cryotherapy session takes just three minutes, it’s easy to fit into a busy schedule.

  • Feel energized and refreshed
  • Supports weight loss by boosting metabolism
  • Releases mood-boosting endorphins and adrenalin


Utilized worldwide since 1979 to enhance recovery for elite athletes, whole body cryotherapy (WBC) has proven to be a valuable adjunct for speeding muscle recovery and producing a general feeling of well-being. Many professional sports organizations have incorporated whole body cryotherapy into their training routines.

Elite athletes and athletic teams across the country and around the world use whole body cryotherapy to gain a competitive edge. Now amateur athletes and weekend warriors are adopting the practice to reduce pain and inflammation caused by strenuous exercise.

Instead of icing a sore area, which is uncomfortable and time-consuming, users can simply step into a cryotherapy chamber. Whole body cryotherapy shortens the time required to two-three minutes and increases the intensity, while providing benefits to the entire body. Athletes say they can train harder and recover faster.

  • Promotes rapid healing
  • Reduces pain and soreness in injured or affected areas
  • Faster recovery allows harder training
  • Used by elite and amateur athletes​

Athletes, ranging from professionals to weekend warriors, claim that whole body cryotherapy gives them an edge over competitors by allowing them to recover faster from workouts and train harder. Other clients seek total body wellness or relief from inflammation.

Health and Wellness

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Cryotherapy is used worldwide by athletes and others to maintain fitness and increase energy

Application of cold is a well-accepted method for treating inflammation and injury. Some practitioners and therapists have adopted whole body cryotherapy as an adjunct to other types of treatments for a range of symptoms and conditions.

  • Triggers the release of anti-inflammatories
  • Supports chronic pain management
  • Accelerates surgical recovery​